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 Welcome to Budapest! 

 We are lucky. We are living in one of the most beautiful capital city in the heart of Europe, and we have the Danube which makes possible for us to do paddleboard tours. We are a professional, nature-lover team, providing amazing experiences for those who wants to see our city from a unique point of view. The weather conditions are the best from april till september.


You can find all the detail and descriptions on the following airbnb sites.

SUNRISE tour to the heart of the city:

 What to wear?

Depends on the weather conditions, but shorts and shirt are usually enough. And slippers. If you think that your balance is not good enough, maybe some clothes to change and towel J

 What to bring?

Camera or phone to take pictures (better with waterproof, floating case). We provide a small drybag for you stuff, but please bring only what is absolutely neccessary.

Is that safe?

Yes, but swimming knowledge is a must in case of falling in the water. The water is clean, so you don’t have to be afraid. In the early morning there are no other boats, ships on the water so it’s safe and calm.

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