Sup yoga is one of the newest and of course coolest hybrid sport that was born in the last few years. The yoga is based on an ancient science, and it's really popular in our country. The yoga itself has a number of positive effects, but we set it off from the traditional surroundings, and transferred to the nature. That is why sup yoga is a unique experience and that gives also the challenge: the exercises should be performed on a stand up paddle board, in defiance of sways, waves and other unexpected conditions.
Exercising in the open air is a great experience, especially for those who live stressful life in the big cities. But there are many more advantages though: thanks to the continuous balancing the muscles are constantly active, so the exercise is more intense; It improves concentration; improves your sense of balance and relieves stress.

Linda Rubesch - SUP Yoga teacher

I came into closer contact to yoga in 2009 due to an accident. This form of exercise has helped in healing and soon became more than just rehabilitation. I became a registered yoga teacher in the school of an Indian yoga master, and in 2015 I went to California to finish the accredited SUP yoga instructor training. As an insturctor I prefer ashtanga and dynamic trends, but I try to make people learn about varied classes on the mat and on sup as well.

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