Downtown SUP tour

SUP tours and SUPer community. Break away from the four walls, experience the thrill of suping and gain unforgettable experiences in the company of a SUPer.

Will your life be an exciting adventure or a Netflix marathon with your cat?

We know it's easier to stretch out on the couch with a remote control in your hand after a tiring day at work. But the bad news – surprise – is that your future, exciting group of friends is looking for some kind of adventure outside the four walls. Where I only miss you.

You don't have to travel abroad for cool programs

You can achieve the same by rocking a SUP. Imagine yourself in a sunset picture, in a full set, stretching in the open water, and then excitedly waiting for tomorrow to share your pictures with your colleagues.

New Friends ON
Comfort zone OFF

Try a new, exciting hobby
Try a new, exciting hobby

Finally something new! Bring a little excitement into everyday life and hop on your SUP with us. Then end your day with pleasant fatigue, with the feeling that you have done something for your health.

Find lifelong friendships
Find lifelong friendships

Spend an unforgettable afternoon, full of good faces like you, amid huge laughs. Caution! We do not guarantee that new friends will not stick by your side 😉

Pocket the appreciative glances
Pocket the appreciative glances

Watch the faces of your colleagues when you present your new pictures taken on a tour and free up some time in your day to count the likes on social media.

Flow into your new lifestyle with your SUP

Exciting SUP tours

Stream down the Danube in front of Budapest's iconic buildings. Paddle at sunset or sunrise and have an experience of a lifetime with us.

Extra cSUPat builders

The adventure does not end with the tour! We are preparing several exciting events every month, in which you will now be able to participate as a cSUP member.

SUP for your health

We show you how to use SUP to improve your health. You will receive SUP training, health tips, and a vacation training plan from us, so you can get in shape while having fun.

Internal cSUPort

You can join a closed community where you will easily find your new friends. In the group, we will regularly share events, the best pictures of the week and shared moments.

in the snow in winter,
in the water in summer

in the snow in winter,
in the water in summer


Satisfied participant


guided SUP tour

   We have been supporters of a close-to-nature, sporty lifestyle for many years. In winter in Austria and France, we devote ourselves to snow sports: we teach, organize tours and competitions. In the summer, we focus on water sports, in addition to surfing and rafting, we have been dealing with SUP since 2014. During this time, we managed to make many people like the sport quickly, and this is what motivates us to provide lasting experiences and live together in harmony with nature.

   We have already organized many team-building programs for small and large companies, birthday tours for groups of friends, sunset rowing trips, exciting multi-day programs combined with outdoor grilling and camping.

   But the most important thing: We love to go on discovery trips and discover new landscapes, and we invite you to do the same with SUPHungary's tours. It's there 🙂

Dávid & Zoli

The founders of SupHungary

Those who already said it
They SUPed with us

61 vélemény alapján
Nändor Dienes
Nändor Dienes
Budapest egyik legszebb részén, az egyik legszebb épület.
Norbert Tordai
Norbert Tordai
Nagyon jó élmény volt az Into the city esti túra. Jók voltak az instrukciók és a vezetés. Csak ajánlani tudom.
Marianna Hegyes
Marianna Hegyes
Best way to explore Budapest for everyone ????????
An excelent experience! Highly reccommended!

Really made all the difference to my trip to Budapest! Fantastic instructor – great convo, was super patient with slow paddlers like me esp. when I got to try out my non-existent maneuver skills in the tree-branchy parts. Be sure to hangout on the beanbags of the river bank bars afterwards. Have a really lush time!

Joyce Lau

The Paddleboarding tour was an awesome experience! My friends and I were quite suspicious in the beginning if we could manage to hold ourselves on the board but it worked unexpectedly well and we were able to enjoy the nature and the sunset on the Danube. David gave us a short introduction on the waterfront and explained to us what to do and he also accompanied the group on the water and took some pictures. Thank you for the nice evening and taking good care of us!

Rebecca Siemund

Very nice and professional team! Every tour is an unforgettable experience! There isn't a day that goes by that I don't browse your pages, looking for the next program we're going to! So thank you for everything and how are you!

Helga Larina Jeszenszky

We are prepared for unexpected situations

"Whimsical Weather" Guarantee

If the weather is such that you have to postpone the tour, we will provide you with a place at another time, or if this does not suit you, you will get the ticket price back.

"Calm River" Guarantee

If you were worried that the Danube is "dangerous", you don't have to worry. We have been doing our tours since 2015, so far everyone has reached their destination safely and without accidents.

"Clean Water" Guarantee

If you are worried about whether the water of the Danube is clean enough: You can already swim in many places in the Danube, the purity of the water is officially checked, so you can't get into an unexpected situation.


Budapest SUP tour

~ 2 hours // Roman coast → Downtown

HUF 9,990

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course!

Apart from knowing how to swim, no.

Just pleasantly.

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Yes, they are measured regularly, and a free beach has also been operating on the Római coast for a few years.

Basically no. You can sit or kneel on the board at any time if you feel it is necessary.

No for security reasons.

There are none, but we always tell you to pay attention when crossing bridges because of possible small eddies.