SUP Yoga

SUP yoga

SUP yoga is one of the newest and trendiest hybrid sports that has emerged in recent years. Yoga, a form of exercise based on ancient science and highly popular in our country, which in itself has many positive effects, was taken out of its usual environment and moved to nature. And not just anywhere: on top of the water. This is what makes sup yoga special and challenging, as the exercises must be performed on a SUP board, defying rocking, waves and other difficult conditions.

Exercising outdoors is of course a great experience, especially for city dwellers, but it has many more advantages: thanks to continuous balancing, the muscles are constantly active, the exercise is more intense; improves concentration; improves the sense of balance and relieves stress.

Linda Rubesch, Educator

I came into closer contact with yoga in 2009 due to an accident. This form of movement helped in recovery and soon became more important than simple rehabilitation. I completed the accredited yoga instructor training with an Indian master, then in January 2015 I went all the way to California to complete the accredited SUP yoga instructor training there (the only one in the country). As an instructor, I feel particularly close to Ashtanga and the more dynamic trends, but I also try to make people fall in love with as many different types of classes as possible, both on land and supo.

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